Ron Johnson started his meat cutting career at the age of 19. He worked as a meat cutter for 9 years before starting his own meat cutting and wrapping company in 1983 with his wife Sue and father Dale. Johnson’s Custom Cutting serviced farmers and hunters with their custom cutting needs. Ron recognized early on that he had a passion for curing and smoking meats, offering sausages made from the hunter’s wild game and hams and bacons from the farmer’s hogs. This was the real craft that founded the company.


A few years later, Ron and Sue decided that opening a retail stall at the Olympia Farmer’s Market was the perfect outlet for selling cured and smoked meats and cheeses. Johnson’s Smokehouse soon became a real hit with many local customers. It is that success that contributes to our success today.


In 1998, we built a USDA approved facility for processing smoked meats and cheeses to sell into grocery and other retail outlets. We now are proud to be selling our products from Alaska to throughout the Pacific Northwest.


The Johnson children from an early age worked alongside mom and dad. The kids would stamp and label packages in the beginning and also sell retail at the Olympia Farmer’s Market. They quickly began helping in other areas of the business from helping screen jerky to working with mom with bookkeeping.


After graduating in 1998, son Josh chose to go to work with his dad learning and adding to the craft that he has worked in since a child. Today, Josh is the chief operations manager, he oversees all operations and assures quality and food safety for all the products we produce.


Daughter Jody went on to college, and after graduating from Washington State University, she decided to join the family and is now the CFO, making solid decisions for the company’s future.


With the second generation behind the helm, Johnson’s Smokehouse is on a course to becoming a northwest label. We take pride in producing quality smoked meats and cheeses, the way it’s been since 1983. We give thanks to all our loyal customers who have helped make our family company what it is today.

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