Game Processing

Attention hunters: A Storage report must be filled out when dropping off any wild game


Wild Game


Bring your wild game to Johnson’s Smokehouse and we will custom make it into your choice of our delicious smoked products. You can bring in your wild game or fish for processing anytime during our business hours, no appointment necessary.


Bring in your fish, fresh or frozen, and we can smoke it for you with our delicious brown sugar and hint of garlic original recipe. The cost is $3.50 per pound with a $15.00 minimum. This includes vacuum sealing.



• Peppersticks (Fire, Mild, and Teriyaki) $3.50/lb.

• Summer Sausage / Polish Sausage, $3.00/lb.

• Jerky (Smokehouse, Teriyaki, and Jalapeno) $4.25/lb.

• Landjaeger, $4.25/lb.


Helpful Hints:

After you bone your animal out, freeze it in small Ziploc bags approximately 5 lbs. so it will freeze faster. If you want jerky made, separate the whole muscle, bag and keep it separate from the scraps. Remember always freeze meat right after you separate. Do not try to age the meat; if you are going to make sausage it will give it a gamey flavor. Make sure to freeze your meat immediately, you don’t need to thaw your meat prior to bringing it in.


There is a 25 lb. batch minimum.


For production purposes, we make 50 lb. batches so if you bring in 25 lbs. of meat, it will be mixed with one other person’s meat. We do inspect and reject freezer burnt, hairy, dirty, or blood shot meat. Remember, if we start with a good fresh clean product, we’ll finish with a quality sausage.


For the customer who wishes not to be mixed with others people’s meat, we can make a 50 lb. batch with your meat only. Most people hunt in parties, so we have a lot of customers who combine their meat. However, we don’t mix species unless it is your own batch. For the customer who lives out of the area, freeze your meat, place it in an ice chest, and send it to us to be processed. We will send it back when it is finished. Call us for shipping prices.

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